Piping and Duct Manufacturing with Polyurethane Inner Coating

Variety of measurements, geometries and materials.

Polyurethane is an elastomer particularly suitable for dry or wet screening of materials up to 40 mm depending on its function, it is characterized by its great resistance to abrasion, its low maintenance cost and its soundproofing.The polyurethane reduces the obstructions of the material thanks to the taper of its holes, the hardness of the polyurethane is adaptable to each type of application.


  • Grooved panels, Harneros Molienda SAG sector
  • Self-cleaning deck meshes, Tertiary Harnero sector
  • Self-cleaning grooved panels, Secondary Farmers sector
  • Flotation Cells / Rotor / Stator / Guide plates with combined rubber material
  • Spool.

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